Storage Facilities In Melbourne

Many Melbournians are using storage facilities due to various reasons, this has made companies like become a big business over the years because more and more people are turning to storing their items in public facilities. It is a big part of the cost of moving home, but if done correctly with the right company you will count your blessings.

The following are reasons why people are using storage facilities in the city of Melbourne:

– During Retirement

When people retire it is common for them to downsize. The excess furniture or items that are sentimental are therefore stored away for a rainy day.

– Divorce

Many people who divorce find themselves moving to a smaller house because they do not require a lot of space anymore. They may also decide to rent some temporary accommodation as they look for something permanent. Space will therefore be an issue and due to these they turn to storage facilities.

– Business use

A lot of businesses are using storage facilities so that they can store excess stock or furniture which they are not using.

– Frequent travelers

People who travel frequently need the storage facilities because they may not have a permanent home and will therefore need a place to store the important belongings instead of having to travel with it everywhere. Those who work away from home may also worry about the safety of their belongings therefore putting them in a storage facility may be the most viable option.

– Winter storage
During the winter months, motorbikes, boats as well as classic cars are usually stored away because the owners never use them.

– Hobby and sports equipment

People who take part in seasonal hobbies which require a lot of equipment that ends up taking too much room in their homes may want to keep it in a storage facility until the time to use it.

– Moving home

Moving home can be very stressful especially if you find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your home to be out of your current home and your new place is not ready yet. The only option you have may be to stay with friends or family temporarily but you cannot take your household goods there and will therefore have to take them to a storage facility. If you are looking for a mover try

International moving companies

The door-to-door service moves your possessions from your home country address to your new country address.

The door-to-port service will transport your possessions to the port of your destination country, and then it is your responsibility to move your belongings from the port to the new address.

Through the port-to-door option, you will organize your possessions to be transported to the port. The moving business will care for getting them to your new home in the destination country.

While choosing any moving company for any type of your relocation, it is important not to shop, derived from the price alone. This is because there is no guarantee that your possessions will be moved securely to your new destination.

– Need more space

When you need more space, you can choose to take your belongings to a storage unit.

When looking for a great storage facility, the following are things to look for:

1. Customer Service that is superior

Look for a facility where there is good customer service. This will be a facility where instead of the manager simply sitting around, the manager will be involved in solving problems, offering advice as well as answering questions that deal with pricing and storage. These managers should also be available when you need them, whether you have a break in or you have been locked out of the building after hours.

2. Cleanliness

Consider the overall tidiness of the facility, see if the office is clean and well organized, the bathrooms spotless as well as stocked. If the facilities are not cared for, then there is a possibility that your storage items will not be cared for.

3. Pests

Most storage facilities are located outdoors and are therefore opened from time to time. This makes it possible for critters and bugs to make their way inside. When this occurs, there will be a high risk of infestation because these insects can breed a lot. These pests can also do irreparable damage to your possessions as well.

4. Security

Theft in storage facilities has been on the increase therefore it is important to look for a facility that has tight security. The facility should also have good lighting, an electronic gate and security cameras so that would-be criminals are kept at bay.

5. Charges

Many facilities give discounts to their new tenants and then increase it a few months later. This type of discount is the “move-in” discount. Once you confirm that you will get the discount, make sure you enquire from the manager how frequently the rates will raise.

The benefits of Storage Facilities are:

– You can use the facility to store extra vehicles in the event that you have moved to a place where some of your extra vehicle or vehicles cannot fit at your apartment, or if in case you are not allowed to park non-working vehicles.

– You can store seasonal items for example your winter gear, clothing or other cold climate items can be put in storage during the summer as well as fall months. When it becomes cold, you can exchange these items with your summer things. This rotation enables you to keep organized and frees up space in your apartment, which leaves you only with the items you really need.

– You can store items that are valuable since the facilities are climate controlled.

– You can store inventory for your business especially if you plan on doing your business from home and there is no space for your inventory.